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This photo was taken almost as a happy coincidence. I took it while visiting the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia in late 2016. The composition, shutter speed, and framing in this photo are technically not correct. It's a photo of an unexpected moment and of me reacting with my camera to that moment. No more than 3 seconds passed between seeing something and photographing that something. As imperfect as it is, this photo holds the power to transport me back in time and invites me to relive the excitement and awe I felt when I saw these kids ride by on an old bicycle. It's one of my favorite photos not because of the subject or location but because of what it makes me feel. 


I enjoy photography as much, if not more than a person who hires me to do a headshot or to capture their wedding, or perhaps the first photos of a newborn baby. Capturing the essence of a moment in time, whether it be a happy smile or a first kiss truly is magical. I certainly feel privileged to witness life through the lens of a camera. 


The entire process of creating visual stories through photography is and has always been one of my greatest passions. ​



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