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Portraits of Women

Portraits of the everyday women who inspire me

What I like most about being a photographer is not taking a picture, but telling the story of what I captured with my lens. I have always been a storyteller more than a photographer.



Curating content to fit a certain theme was a new, more structured process than what I am used to; structure and creativity generally don't go hand and hand. However, when I was presented with an invitation to exhibit my work at the Women in Asia event, I welcomed the challenge with open arms. It was a rare opportunity to reflect on what I wanted to say, instead of the other way around where I have an audience, and I present content designed for that particular group.



With the Portraits of Women | Portraits of The Everyday Women Who Inspire Me exhibition, I wanted to tell the stories of everyday women doing little things that have or have had a meaningful impact in my life. Every image I selected tells a very personal story, and this perhaps was my favorite aspect of curating my selections for the event. The images became a medium to inspire others to pay attention to the little, everyday things we do that affect others and vice versa.

You can read the story behind every image here >



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